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World Checklist of Selected Plant Families (WCSP)

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Galium cinereum All., Auct. Syn. Meth. Stirp. Hort. Regii Taur.: 6 (1773).

Galium cinereum var. aetnense (C.Presl) Nyman, Consp. Fl. Eur., Suppl. 2: 152 (1889).

Galium cinereum subvar. pallidum (C.Presl) Nyman, Consp. Fl. Eur.: 325 (1879).

Galium cinereum var. pallidum (C.Presl) Rouy, Bull. Assoc. Franš. Bot. 5: 150 (1902).

Galium cinereum var. pubescens DC. in Lamarck & Candolle, Fl. Franš., ed. 3, 4: n.║ 3364 (1805).

Galium cinereum var. tenuifolium (All.) DC., Prodr. 4: 595 (1830).