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World Checklist of Selected Plant Families (WCSP)

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Eriophorum gracile Sm., Engl. Bot.: t. 2402 (1812), nom. illeg.

Eriophorum gracile W.D.J.Koch in A.W.Roth, Catal. Bot. 2(Add.): 259 (1799).

Eriophorum gracile subsp. asiaticum (V.N.Vassil.) M.S.Novos., Bot. Zhurn. (Moscow & Leningrad) 79(11): 84 (1994 publ. 1995).

Eriophorum gracile var. caurianum Fernald, Rhodora 7: 87 (1905).

Eriophorum gracile subsp. coreanum (Palla) HultÚn, Kongl. Svenska Vetensk. Acad. Handl., ser. 3, 5: 160 (1927).

Eriophorum gracile var. coreanum (Palla) Ohwi, Mem. Coll. Sci. Kyoto Imp. Univ., Ser. B, Biol. 18(1): 88 (1944).

Eriophorum gracile subsp. hoefftii (F.Nyl.) Nyman, Consp. Fl. Eur., Suppl. 2: 318 (1890).

Eriophorum gracile var. paucinervium Engelm., Amer. J. Sci. Arts 46: 103 (1844).