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World Checklist of Selected Plant Families (WCSP)

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Anisantha sterilis (L.) Nevski, Trudy Sredne-Aziatsk. Gosud. Univ., Ser. 8b, Bot. 17: 20 (1934).

Anisantha sterilis var. sicula (Strobl) H.Scholz, Bocconea 20: 8 (2007).

Anisantha sterilis var. stenantha (Chiov.) H.Scholz, Bocconea 20: 9 (2007).

Anisantha sterilis var. velutina (Volkens ex Hegi) Tzvelev, Spisok Rast. Gerb. Fl. S.S.S.R. Bot. Inst. Vsesojuzn. Akad. Nauk 18: 21 (1970).