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World Checklist of Selected Plant Families (WCSP)

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Names in bold indicate accepted names, plain list indicates non accepted names.

Vanda sanderiana (Rchb.f.) Rchb.f., Gard. Chron., n.s., 17: 588 (1882).

Vanda sanderiana var. albata Rchb.f., Gard. Chron., ser. 3, 2: 9 (1887).

Vanda sanderiana var. froebeliana Cogn. in C.A.Cogniaux & A.P.G.Goossens, Dict. Icon. Orchid., Vanda: t. 12A (1903).

Vanda sanderiana var. immaculata Golamco, Waling-Waling Rev. 10(2): 31 (2002), type specimen never deposited at PNH

Vanda sanderiana var. labelloviridis Linden & Rodigas, Lindenia 1: 85 (1885).