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World Checklist of Selected Plant Families (WCSP)

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Bletia catenulata Ruiz & Pav., Syst. Veg. Fl. Peruv. Chil.: 229 (1798).

Bletia catenulata var. alba L.C.Menezes, Orquidário 17: 165 (2003).

Bletia catenulata f. alba (L.C.Menezes) Meneguzzo, Neodiversity 5: 25 (2010).

Bletia catenulata f. caerulea (L.C.Menezes) F.Barros & J.A.N.Bat., Orquidologia Sul-Amer.: 100 (2004).

Bletia catenulata var. caerulea L.C.Menezes, Schlechteriana 4: 156 (1993).