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World Checklist of Selected Plant Families (WCSP)

Cuscuta approximata var. urceolata Yunck., Mem. Torrey Bot. Club 18: 297 (1932).

Original Compiler: George Staples
This name is not Accepted by:

Butkov, A.Y. (1974). Cuscuta in Fl. USSR. Flora of the USSR 19: 30-57. Science Publishers, Inc.. [as Cuscuta cupulata Engelm.]

Cronquist, A. et al. (1984). Convolvulaceae. Intermountain Flora, vascular plants of the intermountain west, U.S.A. 4: 74-84. New York Botanical garden. [as Cuscuta approximata]

Fang, R.-Z. & Staples, G. (1995). Convolvulaceae. Flora of China 16: 271-325. Missouri Botanical Garden Press, St. Louis. [as Cuscuta approximata]

Allred, K.W. (2012). Flora Neomexicana , ed. 2, 1: 1-599. Range Science Herbarium, Las Cruces, New Mexico. [as Cuscuta approximata]