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World Checklist of Selected Plant Families (WCSP)

Cutandia incrassata (Parl.) Trab. in J.A.Battandier & L.C.Trabut, Fl. Algérie, Monocot.: 238 (1895).

This name is a synonym.

Accepted Name: Vulpiella stipoides (L.) Maire, Bull. Soc. Hist. Nat. Afrique N. 33: 95 (1942).
Family: Poaceae
Homotypic Names:

* Vulpia incrassata Parl., Ann. Sci. Nat., Bot., sér. 2, 15: 298 (1841).

Vulpiella incrassata (Parl.) Andr., Ind. Horti Bot. Univ. Budapest 1934: 95, 97 (1935).

* Basionym/Replaced Synonym

Original Compiler: W.D.Clayton, R.Govaerts, K.T.Harman, H.Williamson & M.Vorontsova