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World Checklist of Selected Plant Families (WCSP)

Rosmarinus officinalis var. laxiflorus (de Noé) Murb., Acta Univ. Lund. 34(7): 32 (1898).

This name is a synonym.

Accepted Name: Salvia rosmarinus Spenn., Handb. Angew. Bot. 2: 447 (1835).
Family: Lamiaceae
Homotypic Names:

* Rosmarinus laxiflorus de Noé, Exsicc. (Pl. Algérie) 1852: n.° 443 (1852).

Rosmarinus officinalis subsp. laxiflorus (de Noé) Nyman, Consp. Fl. Eur.: 571 (1881).

Rosmarinus officinalis f. laxiflorus (de Noé) Batt., Fl. Algérie, Dicot.: 690 (1890).

* Basionym/Replaced Synonym

Original Compiler: R.Govaerts