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World Checklist of Selected Plant Families (WCSP)

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Names in bold indicate accepted names, plain list indicates non accepted names.

Stipa gigantea Link, J. Bot. (Schrader) 1799(2): 313 (1800).

Stipa gigantea Lag., Gen. Sp. Pl.: 3 (1816), nom. illeg.

Stipa gigantea subsp. donyanae F.M.Vázquez & Devesa, Acta Bot. Malac. 21: 165 (1996).

Stipa gigantea subsp. lagascae Trab. in J.A.Battandier & L.C.Trabut, Fl. Algérie, Monocot.: 165 (1895).

Stipa gigantea subsp. maroccana (Pau & Font Quer) F.M.Vázquez & Devesa, Bot. J. Linn. Soc. 124: 202 (1997).

Stipa gigantea var. maroccana Pau & Font Quer in P.Font i Quer, Iter Marocc. 1928: n.ş 23 (1929).

Stipa gigantea var. mesatlantica Andr., Ind. Horti Bot. Univ. Budapest 1934: 90 (1934).

Stipa gigantea var. pellita Trin. & Rupr., Sp. Gram. Stipac.: 71 (1842).