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World Checklist of Selected Plant Families (WCSP)

Allium collis-magni Kamelin, Byull. Moskovsk. Obshch. Isp. Prir., Otd. Biol., n.s., 81(1): 138 (1976).

Original Compiler: R.Govaerts
This name is not Accepted by:

Fritsch, R. (2006). Personal Communication on Alliaceae 6. Germany. [as Allium sewerzowii]

Fritsch, R.M., Blattner, F.R. & Gurushidze, M. (2010). New classification of Allium L. subg. Melanocrommyum (Webb & Berthel.) Rouy (Alliaceae) based on molecular and morphological characters. Phyton: Annales Rei Botanicae 49: 145-320. [as Allium saposhnikovii]