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World Checklist of Selected Plant Families (WCSP)

Podocarpus totara var. alpinus (R.Br. ex Hook.f.) Carrière, Traité Gén. Conif., ed. 2: 652 (1867).

This name is a synonym.

Accepted Name: Podocarpus lawrencei Hook.f., London J. Bot. 4: 151 (1845).
Family: Podocarpaceae
Homotypic Names:

* Podocarpus alpinus R.Br. ex Hook.f., Fl. Tasman. 1: 356 (1857).

Nageia alpina (R.Br. ex Hook.f.) F.Muell., Pap. Proc. & Rep. Roy. Soc. Tasmania 1879(Suppl.): 23 (1879).

* Basionym/Replaced Synonym

Original Compiler: R.Govaerts