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World Checklist of Selected Plant Families (WCSP)

Cabomba caroliniana A.Gray, Ann. Lyceum Nat. Hist. New York 4: 47 (1837).

This name is accepted.

Distribution: C. & E. U.S.A. to NE. Mexico, Brazil to C. Argentina
(11) aut net (36) chn chs (38) jap kor (40) ind srl (41) tha (42) mly (51) nzn (60) nwc (73) ore was 74 ILL KAN† MSO OKL 75 CNT INI MAS MIC NWH NWJ NWY OHI PEN RHO 77 TEX 78 ALA ARK DEL FLA GEO KTY LOU MRY MSI NCA SCA TEN VRG WDC 79 MXE 83 BOL 84 BZL BZS 85 AGE AGS PAR URU
Lifeform: Hydrocham.
Family: Cabombaceae
Original Compiler: R.Govaerts