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World Checklist of Selected Plant Families (WCSP)

Quercus aquifolioides var. rufescens (Franch.) Rehder & E.H.Wilson in C.S.Sargent, Pl. Wilson. 3: 223 (1916).

This name is a synonym.

Accepted Name: Quercus guyavifolia H.LÚv., Repert. Spec. Nov. Regni Veg. 12: 363 (1913).
Family: Fagaceae
Homotypic Names:

* Quercus ilex var. rufescens Franch., J. Bot. (Morot) 13: 151 (1899).

Quercus semecarpifolia var. rufescens (Franch.) Schottky, Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 47: 642 (1912).

* Basionym/Replaced Synonym

Original Compiler: R.Govaerts